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Adam Elements - PeAk II USB-C to Lightning Cable - 120 cm - Black


Product Description


Adam Elements - PeAk II USB-C to Lightning Cable - 120 cm - Black


Lightning-fast Lifeline for Your Lightning Phone

The new USB-C to Lightning cable for your new iPhone

The PeAk II Series USB-C to Lightning cable is a necessity to complement your brand-new iPhone XR or XS. For the high-performance phones, you need a high-performance, and as dazzling, cable to match.

Lightning-fast PD charge for iPhones and iPads

The PeAk II Series works perfectly with PD chargers to provide power as high as 30W (14.5V/2A)

Charge iPhones (2017+) and iPads (2016+ with a Lightning connector) to reach 50% capacity in 30 minutes.

Aluminium Casing and Strengthened Connector

Inside the seamless USB connector is a lightweight, narrow tinned steel casing that reduces electromagnetic interference and also provides a stable housing for stable data transmission and a longer life.

Exclusive Velcro Strap for Less Mess

For those who like to keep everything in order, each ADAM elements cable comes with a complimentary velcro strap that tidies up the otherwise messy bundle in place.

Nylon Braided Cable

Make no mistake, the unique nylon-braided ADAM elements cables distinguish themselves from ordinary white ones and are much more durable, withstanding more usage cycles and intensive, even harsh, pulling actions.

No adapter, no fuss

And of course, it syncs data quickly and reliably between iPhone and USB-C laptops, such as Apple MacBook, without the need for any awkward adapter or converter.





Note: iPhone is not included and for illustrative purposes only.