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Bluelounge Kicks - Protective Silicone-Rubber strips for iPad and other Tablets


Product Description


Bluelounge Kicks - Protective Silicone-Rubber strips

for iPad and other Tablets


Protect your iPad or tablet without hiding its beautiful design with our Kicks: Small, thin, silicone-rubber rails that prevent your iPad from slipping, scratching and damage. The protective rails run along the backside, providing minimal safekeeping for your valuable life tool. Adheres to your device using 3M Damage-Free adhesive. Easy to use and apply, even comes off without leaving any marks.


Integrated design

The delicate design and light grey colour of Kicks ultimately blends with your iPad to look completely integrated and inherent.


A little protection goes a long way

Set your iPad down on your workspace or prop it up against the edge of a cafe table while reading your daily news without worry of scratching the beautiful aluminium back. The protective Kicks run discreetly along the underside slightly elevating your device from the surface without adding any bulk or weight to your device and preserving the beauty and elegance of the original design.


Angle or work with smart cover

Kicks are completely compatible with Apple’s smart covers and provide the basic required protection to the backside of your device in most situations.

Smart Covers can still be folded for vertical viewing.

Kicks provide protection to the front edge when viewing at low angle with Smart Covers.


Apply or Remove

Kicks are easy to apply, and are strong enough to remain securely in place for every day use yet they may easily be peeled off and repositioned without leaving any permanent marks thanks to the 3M damage-free adhesive.



  • Each package contains four Kicks strips
  • Each Kick measures 20 cm in length



Note: iPad is not included and for illustrative purposes only.