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Twelve South BookArc Desktop Stand - MacBook Air


Product Description


Twelve South Backarc - Desktop Stand for Apple MacBook Air

(late 2010/mid 2011/2nd Gen and 2012 models to June 2017 only)


The right tool for the job

Introducing the first BookArc designed exclusively for new MacBook Air. The latest addition to the BookArc family has been re-engineered to firmly grip the ultra-thin MacBook Air only. This stylish and sturdy heavy gauge steel stand also has a built-in cable management system, making it a dream accessory for neatniks, minimalists and anyone else who craves a super tidy workspace. Park your MacBook Air in BookArc, connect it to your Apple Cinema Display and your skinny MacBook is now a killer desktop.


Oh so nice cable management

Since the new MacBook Air has ports on both sides, a built-in cable manager has been incorporated into BookArc. It routes your power, external monitor, headphones and any other cords behind the back of your Mac for a clean, neat workspace. Along with keeping your cables orderly, the handy cable management system also holds your cables in place, making it easy to get your MacBook Air in and out of BookArc. Say goodbye to cables falling from the desk to the floor every time you unplug them from your MacBook Air.


One size fits both

Whether you have an 11 or 13-inch MacBook Air, BookArc has you covered. Both sizes of this new sliver of genius from Apple have the same profile, so either fits snugly and securely in BookArc for MacBook Air. A soft, cushiony insert firmly grips your Mac for a secure fit. Silicone foot pads on the bottom of BookArc keep your work surface free of marks or scratches.


Want to speed up your MacBook Air?

Try a BookArc. Really. BookArc for MacBook Air is more than a beautifully designed stand for your Mac. If you work with an external monitor, BookArc can actually improve the performance of MacBook Air. How? When you work with two monitors, your Mac’s video memory is split between the two, but when you work with your MacBook closed, your Mac only has to power the external display. You will notice an increase in speed, especially when working in Photoshop, Aperture, iPhoto and other graphics-intensive apps. So can a notebook stand really speed up your MacBook? If it’s a BookArc, the answer is yes.



  • Provides a cleaner, less cluttered workspace
  • Includes Cable Management for Power, Monitor, USB, etc
  • Improves MacBook performance when using external monitor
  • Soft silicone insert firmly grips MacBook Air
  • Soft footpads keep your desk free of marks
  • Sturdy, heavy-gauge steel construction
  • NOTE: Cable is not included and for illustrative purposes only.




Note: MacBook, Display and Cable are not included and for illustrative purposes only.


Product Videos

How to use your MacBook closed in BookArc (01:08)
BookArc is a simple, elegant way to operate your closed MacBook while at home. It literally turns your laptop into a mini-tower desktop computer. Carved from strong, heavy gauge steel, BookArc vertically holds any MacBook from MacBook Air to the 17-inch MacBook Pro. Park your BookArc-cradled MacBook next to your LED Cinema Display and you'll have the coolest desktop/laptop set-up your desk has ever seen. Learn more at: http://twelvesouth.com
  • How to use you...
    BookArc is a simple, elegant way to operate your closed MacBoo...

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